Monday, 4 January 2010


Happy new year!!

Shoot - done!

Took longer than planned to get things moving but am so glad with the results.

After going round in circles deciding on models we chose the girl who is half sudanese and half ghanaian and i am glad as she did a great job.

BUT there were trials....and I have learnt over here in Ghana that  AT TIMES the original price that is given is not the real price. From the models we met to the photographer to the make up artist to a point that we reduced the people we met to just the model and my digital camera. Budget would not allow us to afford the prices asked for as in some cases it was more than I would pay in London (maybe the british accent caused prices to become inflated...mmmmmmhhh) But I am pleased with how the clothes looked and now need to hand them over to my pro photographer friend to clean them up then over to my web producing friend to est up my site.

So keep an eye out for the launch of
2010 will see many big things for Akabi and I look forward to comments and reviews

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  1. would love to see some of the pics!



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