Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Vogue Africa dies before its birth :(

It is BIG news on blogoville that talented photographer and  make-up artist Mario Epanya fantastic and beautiul campaign for an African edition of Vogue has unfortunately come to an end.

The Vogue Africa’s facebook page last week read “DEAR ALL, this is the last cover of Vogue Africa, CondĂ© Nast said no for (a) license. Thank you for all your support.  It’s a beginning of something.”

There are different views on this, that it doesnt and cant represent the whole of Africa which is always so diverse from east to west north to south, then there are thoughts that Africa on a whole has wider issues to deal with then a cosmopolitan fashion industry, then there was hype and fury over and not to mention financial success of the special issue of the all Black Vogue Italia in 2008 which caused such a fury that it prompted a re-printing
 I am still upset that even though i was in Venice the month it launched yet still couldnt get a copy...go figure! - sold out OR lack of availability in Italy????

Either way as  black woman myself in a black community of women, it is apparent that Black people are women in particular are interested in seeing modern, sexy, quality, high fashion images which represents us in a global publication such as Vogue.  For now Arise,

SHE Caribbean Magazine,

New African Woman magazine | Facebook

and Canoe continue to represent - but then if i get on to these and IF they actually do represent black women of today...mmmh we could start a WHOLE new debate

in the meantime say goodbye to what could have been a beautiful magazine

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