Thursday, 25 March 2010

Press in...

Latibeau was credited on Flyer newspaper website

Pictures from the Mahogany Bridal Show featured Latibeau and the writer mentioned

Latibeau combined beautifully crafted silk dresses which oozed quality. The simplicity of her designs was reminiscent of classic Greek goddesses which stood out from the crowd.

 In my opinion a great pic from the Finale with Latibeau dress up front...loving it

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Recapping...Earth Hour

Reminder....Earth hour scheduled 8.30pm on March 27th (not sure if that is GMT time - sorry folks) But its all about climate change and organised by WWF World Wildlife Federation who I am becoming a big fan of these days

Anyway its important for us all as habitants of mother earth so check it out pull the string and turn of your lights ;)

Monday, 22 March 2010

Latibeau at Mahogany Bridal Show

I attended the Mahogany Bridal Show last to support the presentation of Latibeau ethical bridalwear ahead of their launch this summer. The company is named after the owner/directors great grandmothers maiden name and presents an ethical alternative to tradtional bridalwear and is set up as fairly traded social enterprise limited by guarantee.

They showed their bridesmaid dresses which will come as a collection of 16 silhouettes in a range of 10 colours made from sustainable and ethical material and will be presenting their bespoke couture wedding dresses later in the year.

They fill a very niche area and I see them going far.

They can be contacted at and will have a website up in a few weeks to present these dresses.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

PUMA x Kehinde Wiley

I could not go on without mentioning sports label PUMAs collaboration with artist Kehinde Wiley. This brothers artwork is crazy mad!

His african print influenced wallpaper portrait artwork is enough to drive the eyes dizzy but it is original and pretty cool.

These jackets from his clothing line ... makes me kiss my teeth :) as i originally planned to launch very similar style I wanted to create BUT i must say I love the thought and proves great minds think alike!
(dont you worry AKABI will be presenting something with a new edge for y'all)

And the project he has on with PUMA is an interesting one.

He is being supported to create artwork in his style of particular football stars from the African Nations teams whom PUMA support and he is being supported by them with an exhibition at the National Gallery South Africa.  (all this SA talk makes me want to go and soon!....Z i know you wanna be there too...we SHALL go together ... im sure!)

here are some pumps by PUMA with Mr Wileys print style,default,sc.html?source=hs1

And here is his original artwork inspired by his homeland... Africa - rock on brotha!

Friday, 19 March 2010

2 Birthdays!

Today I turn a year older, and this very month marks one year since I started Akabi.

It is a significant month and a very exciting one too.

I am putting together plans for the viral youtube campaign so watch this space as Akabi will be representing! in a big way.

I am inspired to get the staple bag piece AND new accessories to be added plus some summer dresses too. its all too exhilarating...I can barely contain my excitement!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Stockists are showing interest already and I dont even have the website up yet!

Will keep you posted...prepare yourself....

Ghubar magazine

I love the photography in this mag...very chic


I just love this girls funky hair....

I am seeking a new do for a wedding in a few weeks and no i wont be doing the afro-quiff like Miss Monae BUT i am considering rocking the plait look...i.e huge cornrow plaits around front of hair look as seen on the catwalks recently....

see pic

I know i have been wearing the cornrows since i was like .... 5years old :) but i feel there are some very interesting styles out there to play around with. My friend had an interesting style done for the hen weekend we took away and I thought mmmhhh i need to create a new style as I do like to experiment with my braids.

Here I am in Rome last year with 'tail' plait curves from the front of head creating a question mark look.

Probably not right for a wedding but cool still...will keep developing...and yes that ice cream was DELICIOUS....the best fresh natural ice cream i have had was pineapple flavour. I hope to get back to Rome this year and will be getting that again...yum yum :)

Futurising Africa...

Is that even a word :) The dictionary of Akabi....

SO i checked out Africa is the Future site..they have some nice new graphic tees

some old tees continuing...

and lovely buttons too!

These are my favourites

 Watch out for Akabi's coming website with online store...there are a few cool pieces, nick nacks and accessories you can purchase.

The etsy store will soon be up too so you will have no excuse...but to be rocking Akabi and letting people know that you too are a Female with Style Intelligence!


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Suno HO2010 range

I have been watching Suno NY for a while now and still do love the work they produce...i mean heck 1st Lady Michelle Obama is rocking Suno too ! check out their press pages and they have ALOT of press.

Here is a snippet from their recent range but you need to check out the site to really see where I believe they are slightly changing direction as a brand aesthically. I have chosen the ones which still have the african fabric look but they have introduced some interesting pieces which look more like locally sourced fabrics rather than african fabrics.

Overall they are still doing well and give Asos Africa something to esteem to.

This looks a little different ... but i am still a fan.
(photos sourced from

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Website...the first view

My web designer showed me the first version of the site he is working on for me for Akabi and i am very very pleased...exactly what I was looking for and cannot wait for it to be uploaded and ready to roll.

Its all becoming more and more real...and will be even more real once I make my first sale!!

Did i say already that I am more than likely to be supporting Seed of Hope as the charity i will sponsor through profits...their vision and their belief structure sits in well with Akabi designs mission statement and i have some plans to work with them on some projects in the future. But right now I am planning to get out to Kenya to visit the base and to offer my hand in help.

Re production well I have ordered my trims and they are slowly coming in.

The dresses i will add to the collection i am working on the colourways for the batik prints and getting that together to post out those patterns to Ghana factory in the next week. And thank God I have a helper! there is so much to do and this girl i met soome years back and simply encouraged her on her initial steps into fashion and now she is able to help me out at this busy time but I think she will learn alot. However i can empower her too I will. But help is much needed...I  have been over doing it and have got a little run down so need to watch my health much more now...I am definitely not getting any younger and so need to care more for the body I have...Take note all take note :)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Beyonce rocks Africa

Okay well i am a little late on this video but I love the use of African waxprint / Ankara...girls you look hot! But miss B ... not sure about all your goods on sure mr Z is happy but please sister...

Monday, 8 March 2010

Observer Ethical Awards

Ok so I have ordered my labels...check, my tee shirts....check, factory in Kenya are ready to go...check and I now have a bit of help from a young designer student....check.....

Then I notice some eco competitions that I should consider entering....and was highlighted by a friend the Observer Ethical Awards


This is your opportunity to promote yourself! You must nominate yourself to be considered for an award, so don’t be shy – be proud of your work. Benefits include unrivalled profiling in the Observer Magazine, and amazing networking opportunities with potential investors, industry experts and pr-friendly celebs. This year the award is sponsored by Marie-Claire so no doubt there will be some editorial coverage to boot.

I had heard of it before but know i am not at the right place for this...but there are many competitions coming up and if not this year then definitely next. I just want to get the stuff out and sell sell sell and make Akabi known.

On ordering my labels due to budget I had to decide on buying basic labels saying just Akabi in normal text rather than upload my graphic logo as seen on header for blog...but for now as said its best to just get the word out and do what i can do financially as things are so tight right now.

Well I also start mentoring with Centre for Sustainable Fashion  on March 30th so that should be interesting. Will keep you posted!

Saturday, 6 March 2010


The last few weeks have been manic..working on my uni deadline, making wedding and bridesmaid dresses for a friends wedding, preparing for a bridal catwalk, doing a bridal photoshoot AND organising production for Akabi. Phew that is a lot and it won't be over until end of march the earliest.

So for now due to financial restraints ... Again ... I will just make up a very small production run making the pieces limited edition. The kenya factory are being wonderful in allowing me to do this with the hope that next seasons range summer 2011 will meet their MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 100 pieces. The other stuff I have split between the Ghana factory and the UK factory. Oh on that note HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY GHANA 53 years... Wow! Speaking to mentor David though I should be able to sell closer to my wholesale price rather than outpricing myself with the retail price as I won't be selling through the big stores I want to as yet.

I am happy to have my first customer though so gotta get all made for mid august ready to sell. I am also happy to have found a shoelace/drawcord supplier, a zip supplier and label maker all north of england and supplying in the small quantities I need so that is good. So today I will order and ship them off to Kenya and Ghana as needed.

I will be adding a few batik dress styles to the mix. Using the same print as the jackets which is from my logo and doing them in bright colours and summer dress styles selling for around 35 to 45 GBP. These will be printed and made in Ghana as preparation for next summers range. I need to find out about some shows for may and june to brinmg in more sales and promotion. Also getting the youtube music vid ready as part of the marketing stategy. So lots to do from april onwards too.

Well speaking to seed of hope charity in Kenya I hope to see them in september when I plan to go their and hope to work with the girls whilst there and from that I will be sponsoring at least 10percent of profits to them.

I am happy to now be on the Centre for Sustainable Fashions business programme with the first session commencing end of march. This should help me push things on too.