Saturday, 6 March 2010


The last few weeks have been manic..working on my uni deadline, making wedding and bridesmaid dresses for a friends wedding, preparing for a bridal catwalk, doing a bridal photoshoot AND organising production for Akabi. Phew that is a lot and it won't be over until end of march the earliest.

So for now due to financial restraints ... Again ... I will just make up a very small production run making the pieces limited edition. The kenya factory are being wonderful in allowing me to do this with the hope that next seasons range summer 2011 will meet their MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 100 pieces. The other stuff I have split between the Ghana factory and the UK factory. Oh on that note HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY GHANA 53 years... Wow! Speaking to mentor David though I should be able to sell closer to my wholesale price rather than outpricing myself with the retail price as I won't be selling through the big stores I want to as yet.

I am happy to have my first customer though so gotta get all made for mid august ready to sell. I am also happy to have found a shoelace/drawcord supplier, a zip supplier and label maker all north of england and supplying in the small quantities I need so that is good. So today I will order and ship them off to Kenya and Ghana as needed.

I will be adding a few batik dress styles to the mix. Using the same print as the jackets which is from my logo and doing them in bright colours and summer dress styles selling for around 35 to 45 GBP. These will be printed and made in Ghana as preparation for next summers range. I need to find out about some shows for may and june to brinmg in more sales and promotion. Also getting the youtube music vid ready as part of the marketing stategy. So lots to do from april onwards too.

Well speaking to seed of hope charity in Kenya I hope to see them in september when I plan to go their and hope to work with the girls whilst there and from that I will be sponsoring at least 10percent of profits to them.

I am happy to now be on the Centre for Sustainable Fashions business programme with the first session commencing end of march. This should help me push things on too.

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