Saturday, 20 March 2010

PUMA x Kehinde Wiley

I could not go on without mentioning sports label PUMAs collaboration with artist Kehinde Wiley. This brothers artwork is crazy mad!

His african print influenced wallpaper portrait artwork is enough to drive the eyes dizzy but it is original and pretty cool.

These jackets from his clothing line ... makes me kiss my teeth :) as i originally planned to launch very similar style I wanted to create BUT i must say I love the thought and proves great minds think alike!
(dont you worry AKABI will be presenting something with a new edge for y'all)

And the project he has on with PUMA is an interesting one.

He is being supported to create artwork in his style of particular football stars from the African Nations teams whom PUMA support and he is being supported by them with an exhibition at the National Gallery South Africa.  (all this SA talk makes me want to go and soon!....Z i know you wanna be there too...we SHALL go together ... im sure!)

here are some pumps by PUMA with Mr Wileys print style,default,sc.html?source=hs1

And here is his original artwork inspired by his homeland... Africa - rock on brotha!

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