Monday, 22 March 2010

Latibeau at Mahogany Bridal Show

I attended the Mahogany Bridal Show last to support the presentation of Latibeau ethical bridalwear ahead of their launch this summer. The company is named after the owner/directors great grandmothers maiden name and presents an ethical alternative to tradtional bridalwear and is set up as fairly traded social enterprise limited by guarantee.

They showed their bridesmaid dresses which will come as a collection of 16 silhouettes in a range of 10 colours made from sustainable and ethical material and will be presenting their bespoke couture wedding dresses later in the year.

They fill a very niche area and I see them going far.

They can be contacted at and will have a website up in a few weeks to present these dresses.


  1. Hi how are you? how did it went for you at the mahogany,i liked the first and the last one. Congratulation on your collection and your first step in the fashion industry.
    CriticismS: the model n3 her shape didn't suited the outffit and n4 is too inexperienced. I like the sandals on the first model didn't like the others shoes.

    T'shirt: do you have a yellow one?


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