Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Website...the first view

My web designer showed me the first version of the site he is working on for me for Akabi and i am very very pleased...exactly what I was looking for and cannot wait for it to be uploaded and ready to roll.

Its all becoming more and more real...and will be even more real once I make my first sale!!

Did i say already that I am more than likely to be supporting Seed of Hope as the charity i will sponsor through profits...their vision and their belief structure sits in well with Akabi designs mission statement and i have some plans to work with them on some projects in the future. But right now I am planning to get out to Kenya to visit the base and to offer my hand in help.

Re production well I have ordered my trims and they are slowly coming in.

The dresses i will add to the collection i am working on the colourways for the batik prints and getting that together to post out those patterns to Ghana factory in the next week. And thank God I have a helper! there is so much to do and this girl i met soome years back and simply encouraged her on her initial steps into fashion and now she is able to help me out at this busy time but I think she will learn alot. However i can empower her too I will. But help is much needed...I  have been over doing it and have got a little run down so need to watch my health much more now...I am definitely not getting any younger and so need to care more for the body I have...Take note all take note :)

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