Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Futurising Africa...

Is that even a word :) The dictionary of Akabi....

SO i checked out Africa is the Future site..they have some nice new graphic tees

some old tees continuing...

and lovely buttons too!

These are my favourites

 Watch out for Akabi's coming website with online store...there are a few cool pieces, nick nacks and accessories you can purchase.

The etsy store will soon be up too so you will have no excuse...but to be rocking Akabi and letting people know that you too are a Female with Style Intelligence!


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  1. Love this line, supersista, and I hope you'll consider giving UniTee Design a plug on your blog, as we are working to take care of things at home so we can truly build a better future in Afica and beyond.

    R. Lee Gordon


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