Friday, 30 April 2010

Next steps

The production from Kenya is on its way!

Production from Ghana is being done now....a few weeks and it will be completed.

Hangtags received for clothing and accessories!

Website is on its way to completion

Aiming for an end May launch with fashion show in June....ssssooo exciting!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Newspaper dress!!

I love this students work.

based at the London College of Fashion it kind of has an ethical bridal and evening feel to it!

Positive use of newspaper and witty shoot too!
Very Gary Harvey too :)

(All photos and designs - Jack Hoe -

Monday, 26 April 2010

Ethical Fashion Forum Social Networking Event

The Ethical Fashion Forums' FASHION SOCIAL NETWORK EVENT is on this Thursday 29th April, 7 - 9pm at the Environmental Justice Foundation Pop Up Shop (57 Carnaby Street, London) in partnership with Environmental Justice Foundation, Forum for the Future and Think Act Vote

There will be a talk to question what does the future hold in ethical fashion alongside presentations too  including Forum for the Future's Fashion Futures 2025 this event promises to give you a vision of the future of fashion.

Think Act Vote's founder Amisha Ghadiali will be asking you 'What future do you choose?' and promoting her campaign to inspire us to think positively about our future and the votes we cast, today, tomorrow and forever.

This event is free to attend but the charities involved encourage attendees to contribute to their worthy causes by donating. The Pop Up Shop stocks a selection of some of the most interesting ethical and sustainable brands including Goodone, Katharine Hamnet, From Somewhere, Pants To Poverty as well as EJF's and Think Act Vote's campaign t-shirts.

Will be getting myself down there and look forward to seeing you there!

Darkroom Concept Store

Im making my way down to the Darkroom  concept store on Lambs Conduit Street this week to check out the cool pieces of 'wearable art' they present and also to check out their 'into Africa' exhibition.

Word on the street says its looking to be a goodone to visit but as always i wanna check it out for myself :)

interesting pieces including some jewellery styles in fabric by Michelle Lowe-Holder below...
(pics courtesy of Style Bubble)

Friday, 23 April 2010

Alternating fashion...

I managed to get down the the lovely Spitalsfields market (such a cool area....east london you rule) and watched designers showcase their creations at the Alternative Fashion Week 2010.
It was.....mmmmhh...interesting.

Not particularly my favourite show but some interesting who should possibly be showing at more prestigious events. I must admit that some of the pieces were really conceptual and some very very commercial.

My favourite was Tramp in Disguise, Anna Wilkinson and Mary Ratcliffe.

Mary Ratcliffe is a tutor of fashion and a designer who puts together secondhand clothing in a fun quirky and very topshop way in my opinion.

I love the accessories which have been customised and the little bow ankle covers - great stuff Mary!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Africa Weekender 2010!

This looks interesting and unfortunately have missed the deadline for  the fashion show but may still go down there for a day and promote and network and connect myself...gotta get the word out !

This is happening on weekend of May 21st - 24th and with loads going on its bound to be a good one! Being the launch too makes it exciting to be there from the beginning too!

Africa Weekender

check it out!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

SAWA shoes

I am loving this shoe brand with their made in Africa product.

SAWAthey dont promise to donate money from sales BUT they promise to make their product and source their materials in Africa which I feel is quite a big statement and they prove that it is possible.

I love the notebooks!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

David Adjaye - Urban Africa exhibition at Design Museum

I really looked forward to seeing it and really liked it even more now. 10years in the man has focus and drive!

I must say the photography was not as creative in places and alot of the pics looked like holiday snaps...i was speaking with an ex BBC employee who had travelled alot around Africa for work and she also agreed it was very holiday snappy. I think not as much thought into the look of each photo. He broke the snaps down for each country and there were alot of similarities abut ALOT of differences and often it was easy to see the affect of the French colonies and the Islamic parts of Africa in the architecture. The overview of languages and religions etc visualized through the maps was also pretty interesting too

BUT that saying this the pictures showed a realistic view on the cities in major African countries and I will definitely be referencing this for my uni project. And I am more inspired to go to more African countries and to learn and study more about this fantastic and interesting continent of the world.

Re David I must look more into his work too.

Overall I would recommend the exhibition for sure!

Sustainable Futures more PICS

Christopher Raeburn pieces were also presented as seen beneath pic of Dilys from CSF (Centre for Sustainable Fashion) below...
and PUMA CEO Jochen Zeitz with Designer Ozwald Boateng...discussing made in Africa product...amongst things.

These pieces brought alot of food for thought. A420 Sustainability for Designers

And Changing Habbits noted as 'an online programme created to calculate our carbon footprint and we can identify which parts of our lifestyle have the greatest environmental impact'.

Quite scary!

Sustainable Futures PICS - PUMA at Design Museum

Sustainable Futures PICS - PUMA at Design Museum

There was interesting view of elements and minerals being endangered over the next 80 years and this was displayed in the format of the periodic table. Quite interesting and yet very concerning too.

Here was ths PUMA display showing there Clever Little Bag Concept! Loving it!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Puma Sustainable ~Exhibition last night

I must say PUMA did put on a good event and an interesting exhibition last night at the private viewing of their event at the Design Museum. There were a few familiar faces in the fashion industry such as Oswald Boateng who was in long conversations with Jochen Zeitz (PUMA CEO) talking about made in africa product...okay so I eavesdropped...isnt that what you would do :) :) Then the lovely Dilys from Centre for Sustainable Fashion at LCF was there so was good to catch up with her too. Mark Coetze (pronounced cute-zeee not CO-ET-ZEEE as i thought!!) from PUMA Creative of course had to be there and it was pleasant to talk with him too. Quite an easy one to converse with.

Pics to post following and I even got to view the photographic work of previously mentioned David Adjayes' work. I was EXTREMELY inspired by this and it made me more determined to get around Africa and see as many countries there as possible. Its interesting how ones preconceived ideas of particular countries can be so wrong and so easily changed from anothers experience and perspective. I could go on and on about this show as it gave alot of room for thought.

Having been a few PUMA events now I personally found that overall this was one of the better ones and there was so much interesting pieces in the exhibition that makes you rethink design and sustainability including PUMAs new shoebox and bag in one.....Clever little bag reminds me (im sure purposely done) of Big Brown Bag etc from Bloomingdales. But this reduces waste and a great innovative design concept.

Christopher Raeburns pieces were there amongst many other pieces relating to sustainability in fashion, architecture, food, science and more.

Oh and even better was the free Burritos outside and the free wine - though i was warned from a student friend not to have the red i quickly decided on the wine and any other free extras given away...:)

Photos I will upload in the morning.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Alternative Fashion Week 2010

Another one to visit!
Alternative Fashion Week is happening from 21 – 23rd April  at Spitalfields Traders Market, Crispin Place, Brushfield Street, E1 6AA

This is a major event publicly funded that happens every year and presents creative and original collections by new designers from the UK and abroad too with an emphasis on environmental awareness and ethical sourcing.. Each day a show will be hosted from 1.15pm and there is also an open marketplace too.

And it is free admission is free including a programme listing every designer and they gather collections for Barnardo’s and the Spitalfields Crypt Trust charities.

I haven't been for years so its time I get up there to see who is doing what and of course for research!

See you there!

Sustainable Futures - Design Museum

One to visit

At the Design Museum
from March 31st to 5th September 2010 this exhibition is organised in  association with Puma.Safe and titled ‘Sustainable Futures’there will be various design projects explore sustainability issues showing  ways design can direct and present a more positive view working towards a more sustainable future.

Looks like an interesting one...i will be up there next tuesday for a private viewing care of PumaCreative
thanks guys! :)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Centre for Sustainable Fashion

I had my first workshop with the CSF at London College of Fashion this week. I am hoping that they will help me develop my business to the level and the pace that I wish to.

I met with a marketing friend too who also lead me to think about my desire to set up my foundation. The work outside design but still part of Akabi is the main bulk of the work I want to do with this business. I want to make a difference as well as make interesting and fun clothing.

I am also seeking to pursue my PhD within International Development and Trade .... gotta check out a few institutions now though I wont start until 2011.