Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Puma Sustainable ~Exhibition last night

I must say PUMA did put on a good event and an interesting exhibition last night at the private viewing of their event at the Design Museum. There were a few familiar faces in the fashion industry such as Oswald Boateng who was in long conversations with Jochen Zeitz (PUMA CEO) talking about made in africa product...okay so I eavesdropped...isnt that what you would do :) :) Then the lovely Dilys from Centre for Sustainable Fashion at LCF was there so was good to catch up with her too. Mark Coetze (pronounced cute-zeee not CO-ET-ZEEE as i thought!!) from PUMA Creative of course had to be there and it was pleasant to talk with him too. Quite an easy one to converse with.

Pics to post following and I even got to view the photographic work of previously mentioned David Adjayes' work. I was EXTREMELY inspired by this and it made me more determined to get around Africa and see as many countries there as possible. Its interesting how ones preconceived ideas of particular countries can be so wrong and so easily changed from anothers experience and perspective. I could go on and on about this show as it gave alot of room for thought.

Having been a few PUMA events now I personally found that overall this was one of the better ones and there was so much interesting pieces in the exhibition that makes you rethink design and sustainability including PUMAs new shoebox and bag in one.....Clever little bag reminds me (im sure purposely done) of Big Brown Bag etc from Bloomingdales. But this reduces waste and a great innovative design concept.

Christopher Raeburns pieces were there amongst many other pieces relating to sustainability in fashion, architecture, food, science and more.

Oh and even better was the free Burritos outside and the free wine - though i was warned from a student friend not to have the red i quickly decided on the wine and any other free extras given away...:)

Photos I will upload in the morning.

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