Thursday, 15 April 2010

David Adjaye - Urban Africa exhibition at Design Museum

I really looked forward to seeing it and really liked it even more now. 10years in the man has focus and drive!

I must say the photography was not as creative in places and alot of the pics looked like holiday snaps...i was speaking with an ex BBC employee who had travelled alot around Africa for work and she also agreed it was very holiday snappy. I think not as much thought into the look of each photo. He broke the snaps down for each country and there were alot of similarities abut ALOT of differences and often it was easy to see the affect of the French colonies and the Islamic parts of Africa in the architecture. The overview of languages and religions etc visualized through the maps was also pretty interesting too

BUT that saying this the pictures showed a realistic view on the cities in major African countries and I will definitely be referencing this for my uni project. And I am more inspired to go to more African countries and to learn and study more about this fantastic and interesting continent of the world.

Re David I must look more into his work too.

Overall I would recommend the exhibition for sure!

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