Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I just love this girls funky hair....


I am seeking a new do for a wedding in a few weeks and no i wont be doing the afro-quiff like Miss Monae BUT i am considering rocking the plait look...i.e huge cornrow plaits around front of hair look as seen on the catwalks recently....

see pic


I know i have been wearing the cornrows since i was like .... 5years old :) but i feel there are some very interesting styles out there to play around with. My friend had an interesting style done for the hen weekend we took away and I thought mmmhhh i need to create a new style as I do like to experiment with my braids.

Here I am in Rome last year with 'tail' plait curves from the front of head creating a question mark look.

Probably not right for a wedding but cool still...will keep developing...and yes that ice cream was DELICIOUS....the best fresh natural ice cream i have had ever...it was pineapple flavour. I hope to get back to Rome this year and will be getting that again...yum yum :)

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