Monday, 8 March 2010

Observer Ethical Awards

Ok so I have ordered my labels...check, my tee shirts....check, factory in Kenya are ready to go...check and I now have a bit of help from a young designer student....check.....

Then I notice some eco competitions that I should consider entering....and was highlighted by a friend the Observer Ethical Awards


This is your opportunity to promote yourself! You must nominate yourself to be considered for an award, so don’t be shy – be proud of your work. Benefits include unrivalled profiling in the Observer Magazine, and amazing networking opportunities with potential investors, industry experts and pr-friendly celebs. This year the award is sponsored by Marie-Claire so no doubt there will be some editorial coverage to boot.

I had heard of it before but know i am not at the right place for this...but there are many competitions coming up and if not this year then definitely next. I just want to get the stuff out and sell sell sell and make Akabi known.

On ordering my labels due to budget I had to decide on buying basic labels saying just Akabi in normal text rather than upload my graphic logo as seen on header for blog...but for now as said its best to just get the word out and do what i can do financially as things are so tight right now.

Well I also start mentoring with Centre for Sustainable Fashion  on March 30th so that should be interesting. Will keep you posted!

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