Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Hub Fashion Week - Addis Ababa

From September 23-25th 2010 see such a great event happening in east africa called the Hub Fashion Week and conference titled UNITING THE INDUSTRY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

A friend from the Ethical Fashion Forum will be helping out. We both have very similar desires to build a bridge between Africa and Europe through the medium of fashion and I see us connecting together on this passion very shortly :)

We at Akabi feel that great things are emerging from Africa and are always excited to see events happening there especially in the sustainable and ethical fashion and textile arena.

They set up this event as they noticed a growing need for an annual event that focuses on sustainable development in society as well as focusing on education through job development, and so along with fashion shows will have workshops by industry people such as Nicola Thornley a good friend of us here at Akabi. There will be various people from the textile industry such as designers, buyers/sellers and various fashion institutes. The idea is to bring in leading fashion designers and industry players in order to mentor up-coming designers through these workshops.

Uniting the industry through fashion and promoting sustainable development is the way to go. We look forward to hearing reviews and feedback from this week.

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