Monday, 14 September 2009


Weekend gone was quite successful. I FINALLY ordered my fabrics for both businesses AND did line overviews for styles and fabrics to see how i could consolidate fabrics and alongside that I did an overview for factory allocation for styles and graphic overview so now I can visualise the range as a whole and broken down too.

One major factor now is budget is reducing extremely that I am unsure I will have enough to make them up and so may have to look at my overdraft for now.

Also to do now are to resketch all styles into illustrator (as easier to edit) and colour them up properly
OR once they are photographed I could colour them up then.

I also need a white parachute to make up some styles....

Still lots of little things to do including hangtags to purchase, labels in organic cotton to buy and even to look at who will do the embroidered logo to all styles...kenya has facilities so i could do those with them ro even send all out to them to do but i would rather keep the uk ones here and get a company to embroider them here if poss

This fashion game is definitely more than i originally envisioned....lessons of hindsight too ...mmmh.

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