Monday, 28 September 2009

New Era

I know i have been a little silent for awhile but i have been under it with some disappointments and some highs and some strange - things you never realise until you go through it - type situations. Disappointments being lovely Emily being so overpopular that she is inundated with work  and though she has completed first toiles cannot do any edits until 5th Oct w/c - shock horror. David business mentor says he is away on holiday so wont be available until end oct begin novwe can have our next catch up so i must must must hav my samples by then. I am getting all confused a littel with deadlines and what i need to do. My job is having a busy period and its kinda getting in the you ever feel that way. BUT i need to work as i need to pay my day to day bills and until i make that first 100k turnover and at least 40k in profit then I will still have to work. Highs being me starting my masters in ethical fashion and feeling extremely excited to be getting things going in my education again..though i do often forget that i will to actually do some work ... mmmhh that is easily overlooked no :). Just looking at other peoples thesis makes me cringe with the thought that one day very soon i will have to go through it right and okay to compare that to the idea of labour...mmmh welllll maybe not but I am sure it will be fine.. I do like to write so we will see.
And the other stuff - that would be import taxes.... i really need to get clued up on all this as it is rather confusing. The fabric i ordered from the usa for my sampling has arrived at the borders and i am being charged a small but annoying vat and clearance fee. I had been warned about that but am now living it.

very annoying but very adult business stuff that i better get more and more used to and it is stuff like this why the idea of buying fabric locally and making in the Uk would be fantastic yet due to my aims of business is not possible or feasible

the journey continues to the next junction...

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