Monday, 24 August 2009

flying power!

My first parachute has arrived and i am sooooo excited!!!! i feel it is all coming together now. I need to order my organic cottons, soy, bamboo and hemp fabrics for the other styles

i will see Emily, patterncutter, tomorrow with the 9 styles i have given here and i have two more to add to her bulk work :)

aside from this i am contacting printers for the tees...apparently its 25quid per screen for the placement prints...and i also plan to do some in batik too so that is around £15/20 a yard...this is really amounting up and i understand truly why people give up because they run out of cash

so lots to do but looking forward to gettin g the toiles from Emily and sourcing a sampling house to make them up in London now that I know Kenya factory are capable of making them up I am nearly good to go!

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