Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Online Webstore

Networking is the best thing ever...i have learnt since i started working firstly that talking to people is a fantastic way to increase knowledge and understanding. Now i am learning even more to utilise this 'networking' tool of mine to my business advantage.

On a recent one day course i did in internet marketing i spoke with a classmate who introduced me briefly to her webstore To be honest i made a note and could have bypassed it but because i enjoy networking and see it as imperative to business i emailed everyone i met on the course whose details i have collated and checked one of their websites. This was using the webstore she told me about. I looked up the webstore companies other customer sites and feel though i may not use it for Akabi I will definitely use it for the bridal and homeware business i have been running for awhile. It would be perfect!

So like BT tagline says 'its good to talk'!

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