Friday, 21 August 2009

overload overload

Okay well the seminar experience looking into Africa turned out to be a very interesting network and a great debate on Africa. But by the end of it with people coming up to my table to discuss the fashion show I am helping to put on, with promoting my bridal business and networking to aid this competition concept i am to put on as a project for my first year on my Masters...i am realising that i am very much overdoing it...

Last night i was 'gently' told by my boyfriend that he is not happy with me doing so much as i am not eating as i should be and not sleeping as i should be. I am putting my health at risk by stressing myself too much and he wants me to calm down, pray more and basically get myself together. So in a sentence to sum up my feeling on that...well i was well told!

I have overdone it and need to get back to my plan of action and not take on any small little sewing bridal jobs unless i really need to. My aim is to get product ready for a bridal show for end of september and in relation to Akabi my aim is to order fabrics and get them sampled up by end of September too. Problem is i still dont know who i will use to sample them up in real fabric. I have now bought 2 war era parachutes and will recycle them into my outerwear and poly based styles and have narrowed my fabric needs to organic cotton/soy/bamboo for tees and jersey dresses, organic denim/hemp for denim styles, fleece hemp/cotton/bamboo for sweat tops and recycled parachutes for nylon outerwear styles.

SO planning is this weekends to be in place too

until next posting

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