Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Designs done

Finally!!! I have confirmed my designs...well when i say confirmed i mean i have 25 styles that I am reducing to 15 maximum. I am so far happy with them but feel they need a little more work to get them completely right. SO i meet the lovely Emily my faithful patternmaker, next week and will hand her all styles to complete patterns and toiles within 3 weeks as I am due back to see my mentor David and he wants to see all toiles completed.

SO i have fabrics ready to be bought, and being researching for recycled hangtags company suppliers so things are moving but blooming heck it is getting expensive and my measly budget is dwindling quickly...now i understand how starting a fashion company can be expensive and even more since I am also relaunching my bridal business (more to come on that closer to launch date!!)

NOw i just have a message that my lovely friend Sonya who has been helping with graphics is due to go back to her home country and wont be able to do any graphic work for me for a while...i scream...you must have heard me from where you are. Very happy for her and she has promised to work on stuff for me from her home but my days what a shock. Well at least I have yet another place to visit and go on holiday too... and thank God its somewhere sunny too cos Lord knows the hours i am putting in recently i will need a good, hot sunny place to visit just to chill out!

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  1. Keep going.... keep smiling and it will be worth it. I am hopefully going to start up my own ethical dressmaking business. I have just finished my first yr at Cov Uni on a degree in Fashion Design and am in the process at the moment looking for ethically textile suppliers. Good luck for the future x


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