Thursday, 9 July 2009

ethical brands i like

Two of my favourite brands in ethical fashion are both Kuyichi and Edun. Both use sustainable and/or ethical materials and Edun especially links to Africa - a personal love of mine

Kuyichi - being style conscious

Their concept of 'spare denim' basically a method of recycling and usage of waste materials, is a fantastic initiative

alongside this they use organic cottons, and more recently recycled polyester - i recently saw them at the recent bread and butter show in berlin (such a great city) and everything they are doing with their label i desire to do with more

check out soon their new store with all reclaimed materials - fantastic!


"We make t-shirts that support sustainable socioeconomic development. Put simply, that means that when you buy one of our shirts, you help us to employ people in Africa who might otherwise be unemployed. We work with disenfranchised African citizens, teaching them to grow cotton, sew, and participate in the textile business. Our shirts are made in Africa by Africans. We support communities, give jobs to the jobless, and teach skills to people who lack specialized training.

And, in addition to all that, it’s just a better t-shirt. "

quote from edun website and

they source cotton and manufacture quite a lot of styles and all their tees from Africa
I believe there is a lot of potential in Africa and its the nation the world will be forced to look at.

This leads me to introduce a cool brand....not an 'eco' label but still cool in its representation of Africa...welcome to

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