Tuesday, 28 July 2009

interesting news

The ethical fashion forum...EFF to those in the know .. dahling :)
have asked to have my profile on the site showcased in a presentation for their relaunch party this week!

here are his words

EFF Network Profile

For the upcoming launch party of the network we have been looking for
some members who’s profiles represent exactly what the network is
about! We at the EFF think your profile does exactly this; you connect
easily with people, contribute to discussions and really make the most
of being part of the ever-growing network!

At the party on Thursday we will be having a looped presentation that
will be running throughout the night consisting of various ethical
fashion images as well as examples of fantastic profiles on the
network. We would love to show your profile as part of this.

If you are not comfortable with us promoting your profile in this way,
please let me know.

Many thanks!


so of course i said yes!

means i am doing something right!

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