Thursday, 21 January 2010

Back to Business...

Well lots to document again...

I met with David on Tuesday and he looked over the pics and we spoke about the pricing and to get the structure and merchandising in place. SO I need to sit with him go through styles and costings and weigh things up that way.

I have to get my love from africa tee printed up and photgraphed as the chari-tee product for the range donating profits back to Africa

On that note deciding on the charity I want to work with is causing a little stress as I have to research them inside and out...I actually want to set up the FSI (female style intelligence) foundation to empower women in Ghana and to equip them with the skills and opportunities they need to progress in education and business. This would be my dream to work with young women within fashion design and production and to teach alongside this self empowerment and entreprenerall skills too.

It will happen..step by step though

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