Friday, 29 January 2010

flights to Kenya...what to do

As part of my studies for my research degree I am planning to take a trip to Kenya then internal flights to Uganda and Tanzania

Now I have until 8th Feb to make up my mind and book the flight to Kenya as it is just £398 to travel in Sept! Though i still have to organise accomodation. But I may have a few options I can organise closer to the time. So book now for a great deal OR wait til later in the year when I am sure and travelzoo (a great discount travel site) will  have all inclusive discount deals....though thinking..the last time i saw them do it it was very close to christmas and I want to go around Sept...mmh decisions, decisions....especially when I also need the money to buy samples.....oh money money money.

Anyway...all shall work out....another decision is to focus my next summer range on craft production in Ghana though I will still be producing my organic cotton styles in Kenya; I will combine it with my final year project as I want to produce some garments made in Africa using African age old traditions as well as working on my thesis and research work this would add the fun element AND kill two birds with one stone!

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