Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Have I simply just been out of it and only just noticed CANOE magazine.

I actually saw this whilst in Ghana all in its plastic protective cover...and as I can be naughty and not want to buy without a look first I attempted to peel open the plastic to reveal and open the magazine


to the horror of my boyfriend who demanded I close it back as 'things are not done that way over here' mmmmmhhh

I was not happy .... but humbled myself ... especially as the security men are on another level and the police...well lets not even get started about them

ANYWAY back to the mag it  is created by 5 entrepreneurs who are inspired to celebrate Africa’s evolving culture and lifestyle and aim to orrect the image of Africa, predict growing trends and portray positively, the continent and its people whilst promoting the Afro-bourgeois population in the new Africa that seems to be evolving and is noted as the Afro-Renaissance.

Canoe magazine comes out quarterly and has a different outlook to my recent fave ARISE magazine (to which I am waiting eagerly for the new edition) but an interesting contrast.

Love the african style headphones on the front cover of the latest issue...and inside i love how Nneka is repping my fave african promoted fashion label of 2009 - Africa is the Future

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