Monday, 14 December 2009

Babies are coming!

Things are going good good good .... aside from the realism that I do not make a good dyer!! but practice makes perfect.

Samples from Kenya are confirmed will be with me today and tomorrow and looking at the invoice though a significant price is actually not as bad as i though it would be including delivery etc so very pleased as it means though my woven styles would be pricey due to materials and workmanship...that my knit/jersey styles will be reasonable price to wholesale and retail.

My leotard all in one style has been named as my 'lady gaga' outfit.... not as outrageous as she would dress but interesting enough and I would like to send some of them to particular music artists to wear as I think that style in particular has the X-factor (how rubbish was the result last night...i am persuaded that its old ladies that vote these days as Joe did not deserve to win....i seriously give up on that show) but 'Small Island' on BBC1 (adaptation of Andrea Levy book) was fantastic (and a good version of the book - not too much dramatic license in there) and highlighted to me another aspect of my parents and grandparents when they came over to London from the Caribbean. Great costumes too - well done beeb!

ANYWAY back to important things :) seamstress in London should be finished by Wednesday (the day BEFORE i leave!) and so will the factory in London too. SO I think Wednesday will be a run around day. Good thing i started packing my clothes last night - so just to sort out shoes, toiletries, accessories - stuff for photoshoot......

Things are going well in Ghana - photographer, model, venue in place - its all very very exciting and I am a little overwhelmed.

So getting one more new suitcase as my old ones have been around the world to a point that they are screaming to be laid to rest (good ol' shall be highly missed...but 4-wheelers are the way to go especially when you have to carry two suitcases AND a carry on poor back). Once i get that then will pack all my samples ready to fly oh and all the little cant travel to stay with people and not bring a 'lickle' (jamaican style) something for the 'aunties' (african style) et al.

Therefore nearly there but not too much more to do!

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