Thursday, 17 December 2009

Black Star here I come!

Today is the day and you would think being such an organiser as I am that today i would be relaxed, fresh ready to fly...yet I am not.

The annoyances of 'life' have stepped in to frustrate me. I had everything in place..picked up my woven pieces from Heba and I am happy - yes some minor issues but they are first samples and there are ways to hide the bad points in the photoshoot so I am not worried about that...and when it comes to making clothing I am a perfectionist but try to be a realist too. But the frustrating thing is the Plan B seamstress (who annoyingly has my first name...maybe the name made me work with her!) I cancelled going to another factory in south london as i thought it would be difficult for me to be going back and forth with work hours etc so I went with this seamstress as she is also based in east london. When i called she acted confident but wanted to meet so we met last monday and i brought 3 of the 6 pieces i needed sown. She admittedly was a bit weird in the sense that i didnt quite get her but she again 'acted' confident and said she will get her friend who shares her studio to sew with her. That that week she had a deadline for the thurs/fri but sunday they will get all those 3 done between them and if i cut out the last 3 styles they could do them for me to collect on wednesday. I wanted it for tuesday but agreed on the wednesday.

SO why oh why has it take two people 4 days to only do 3 of the 6 pieces???? This is crazy and I am not a happy bunny.

One thing my jamaican mum told me that resonates even more now is 'if ya spirit nah tek dem dont go wid dem' and i must go with my mind and my first instinct. In retrospect (oh the joys of hindsight - dont you just hate hindsight and the lessons she teaches....)

I had cancelled using the other factory but now regret it...they had a better set up too and more professional. But hey i still have today though it means running out of work at lunch to get to bethnal green to get back to work, get to the bank, fix my sunglasses and get home to pick up my two suitcases and large carry on bag - GIA please dont be silly with weights now - but thank God i did book with Ghana International rather than BA! How depressing would that be with all the strikes.

Overall God is good - as I said I am an organiser and I always have another plan - Plan C are the workshop in Ghana who are also sewing for me for my bridal business - Ruth can sew up any pieces not finished.

Okay so I have had my in with anger out with love - breeeeeaaaaatttthhhheeee - all shall be well....sunshine I am looking forward to being covered by you!

Ghana here I come!

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