Monday, 28 December 2009


I have been in Accra for over a week now and (sorry to make you all jealous....but.....) it is hot, gorgeous and I am having an awesome time. This Ghana experience over-rides my last - exceedingly. I am finally on a good internet connection after 2 other tries and have so much to write but may have to document it all on my return as just too much to say and i need to add the pics to make full sense of my words.

But re the akabi shoot...well the photographer is not the problem at all..we have a few options but the models...we have a girl who has worked with Exopa in Ghana previously and has an African look but commercial....i could see  her in Arise magazine or something, though not dark enough for my liking but she is professional and on time...which (as a brit) is important, then we have another girl who has the most beautiful maroon skin smooth as chocolate, dark thick eyebrows and an innnocent look and who I feel looks great in the pictures but is not as experienced or professional. Its hard to choose.

We have decided against Cape Coast and have located an equally good location as advised by the photographer who did a shoot their previously. It has history, rough buildings, slightly eerie in a way but the look I am seeking - so new years day will find us down there.

The one thing I that disappoints me trying to do business in Ghana as a Brit is that even though my skin is just like theirs - as a fellow black person - all they see is English and think being English comes with money so you can imagine the haggle...

I am not innocent to this - I have travelled alot and get that in many places and it is normal in market areas for some level of bartering or haggling to take place but for business we all need to work together to help each other but....hey life....and reality....resonates through my head.

SO i will stop

Overall Accra is a bustling city that has some secret beauties that I will soon post ..... so wait and see.

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