Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Organic cotton from Kenya

I received some organic cotton from kenya last night from the factory and they are lovely....blue, purple and charcoal. I will make up the 5 way jacket in these 3 colour options.

I attempted to hand dye some organic trimmings and though they came out kinda alright (a few tie dye looking parts !!) but the colour match to the fabric is a little trial and error...what to do what to do :)

but they match the drawcords anyway.

But yet another annoyance (private scream!!) one of two seamstresses I have found has subsequently hurt her back the day I am to come over and bring her the pieces and cannot sew for me....aaaagggghhhhhhh (public scream). Good thing i had another one though she is obviously not a phone person so i do have to chase her a little bit. I just hope that she can do them all - 3 all in ones, 2 pants, 2 jackets in less than a week
I will pray pray pray....it shall get done
(oh wow she just now text me back....good good)

Either way I am happy to get my fabric, the factory in london are actually nearly done so i will visit them a few times over the next 7 days. Its just very intense and very difficult to get around to do these things when you work but i cant afford not to work. Got my credit card bill this week and screamed out loud (yep i am tending to scream quite a bit recently - stress, panic, stress,  panic) but once the funding comes through i will be able to recoup the debt on that which will bring me back to zero.

slowly slowly but i am getting there

lots more psotings to come over the next week...enjoy the ride...its gonna be bumpy

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