Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sample update

Ok today i have a lot to say with 3 postings...well my mind is all over th eplace at the moment so much that i hardly have time to myself and sleep is a well needed friend that is not visited enough these days. 2 weeks til i fly away to the land of the Black Star... Accra, Ghana here i come.

But for now its a little bit of panic stations...the workshop in London are on a bit of a go slow. In two weeks they have made 4 pieces and they are not completely finished...there are 3 other styles in 2 or 3 colour ways and they cant promise to have them done for me to take to Ghana for the fashion shoot.

Whatever happens i will have my sample babies...

There is an option B but they are based in south london and i am east so it can be a issue getting to them and they charge twice as much but i guess i will learn from this first range how to get things done on time.

I am even considering not having a winter range but producing only a summer SS11 to give me time to get things in place as the winter season will only be rushed. Plus with my initial concept to use Batik and Kente within the range it may be better for summer...though Kente would be better for winter...oh my brains .. too much thinking :)

So now i have 3 more styles to get done and one that iwll have to wait until i am in Ghana as I will work with the batiker to do an all over print and get it made int he workshop i am working with there.

I do see it going well and I do see the clothing photographed in the locations i am thinkig of there and it being a great shoot. (though the photography tutor who would be doing the shoot is still recovering from a motorcycle accident so may not be well enough...BUT according to my Boyfr his students may be available and able to do the shoot.

Either way i am keeping calm... not thinking of the christmas presents i need to buy for my 9 nieces nephews and God-children, for my mum, boyfr mum and dad and aunty in Ghana...or the things i need for my trip OR the business stuff to sort out before i go OR the uni work i have to do in the next 10 days...mmmh i am not panicking but keeping calm and leaving it in Gods hands...let him worry about it....and me....welll i am off to bed...resting my head. Tomorrow is another day!

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