Monday, 7 December 2009

project africa rolls on...i can see the finish line

This weekend was the most tiring of all the last 6 months setting up business....i am already exhausted but had a mission including going across to the 3 areas of london in one day for various 'projects'. One included meeting with an embroiderer to do my tagline on the back of my cropped baseball jacket...and he will also do the logos....

i will get the first embroideries early this week but need to complete all designs to take back to him to embroider the logos before i travel to Ghana next week.

One week to go!

I admit last weekend i did kinda panic a little after i came back from the factory as they are going slower than hoped and i was unsure they would complete in time. But thank God i have two seamstresses in place to take over to make sure i can get all done i time.

The only thing that is strange is my impression of everything as i get closer to not sure i am happy with the designs, some of the samples, the logo, the print ideas.....but as a designer by trade i know that is what tends to happen when you look at something over and over again. But i will focus focus focus

On a positive my boyfr (who is being a sweet sweet guy and a great support) has tracked down another 2 photographers in Ghana for the the photography tutor we were to work with had a bad motorcycle accident some months back. So we have that in place, model and make up artist to be confirmed but options there. I am hoping to do a video shoot alongside the real shoot to go on you tube...i am getting excited btu will feel better once all 'my babies' are in my arms :)

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