Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Afro Modern at the Tate

Unfortunately for some of us Londoners its at the Tate Liverpool but it looks very very interesting. ( i know i know liverpool is not out of this world but realistically .... i wont be able to nip over after work as i could in London)

Well its on Tate Liverpool 29 January  –  25 April 2010


Here is more info on the exhibition

Afro Modern: Journeys through the Black Atlantic explores the impact of different black cultures from around the Atlantic on art from the early twentieth-century to today. The exhibition takes its inspiration from Paul Gilroy's influential book The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness 1993...
Gilroy used the term 'The Black Atlantic' to describe the transmission of black cultures around the Atlantic, and the instances of cultural hybridity, that occurred as a result of transatlantic slavery and its legacy. ...offering a network connecting Africa, North and South America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Part of the exhibition includes showing movies....one of my favourites The Harder They Come...classic Jimmy Cliff movie from 1970's and a movie called Looking for Langston which I havent seen but I loved me a bit of the Harlem Renaissance artists and poets and think that that one could be interesting.

Check the website for more details.

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