Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Centre for Sustainable Fashion - im in!

Today I attended a meeting with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) part of the London College of Fashion to see if i could join their year long programme to kick start Akabi in the next phase of the business.


The CSF, which is part funded by the European Union and works with Newham College of Further Education offers guidance and inspiration through a series of small group workshops and one-to-one advice and provides support and runs a programme for small to medium sized business as a first step towards embedding our philosophy in the fashion industry of the future. 

The programme explores how innovation in fabric development, production management, new technologies, communications, and most importantly design, can create exciting market opportunities and help a business grow in a dynamic and sustainable manner

I wanted to focus the programme on Akabi and showed them my photos of the photoshoot to which they were very impressed but put my details down for my bridal business as it is a Limited company and this is a Sole Trader business. But a friend advised me that once on it it doesnt matter and I can make Akabi the focus and get advice on both if i will.

The two workshops commence once in March and once in April so that will be good to get me moving.

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