Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Seed of Hope for Vision Africa Give a Child a Future

I am seriously considering Seed of Hope - the vocational training arm of Vision Africa Give a Child a Future - as the charity I will support through Akabi.

The girls on this programme have had no hope of any higher education establishment and often only saw a bleak, poverty-stricken future. They come from a deprived past often struggling each day just to survive.

photo from seed of hope website - vision africa

Girls at Seed of Hope Quote from the website

We rescue girls from a variety of different circumstances, some from child-labour, some from child-marriage, some are simply orphans who have experienced horrific tragedies and have no-one to provide for them...We ... provide them with two years of training in Life-skills, Vocational Skills (Dressmaking and crafts) and Business skills.  Throughout this period of training we provide them with everything they require to learn, including qualified teachers and counsellors...Following the two years of training, we facilitate the girls as they establish their own small business, allowing them to live independently.


SO right now its between Mend - Invisible Children and Seed of Hope - Vision Africa. I feel once I get out to East Africa later in the year I will hopefully get to meet with these organisations and get things set up officially with them. To start with I will support with percentage of sales from the business going to the charities.

Getting there!

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