Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I am getting slowly excited by the day. I met with the graphic designer who is working on my website.....money is such an issue so the overly flash web idea i had is now increasingly reduced to a more simpler site but to be honest the sites we researched with the looks i could go for are actually cool and I am happy.

Just deciding on which photos to use and which to 'save' for marketing materials is soooooo hard...i mean i know i can be indecisive but this was like my babies...all the photos are good that made it very hard to decide so I have decided to use 15 for the home page as a taster to the collection then on the collections pages there will be a set of pictures relating to each range. Then there is the online store too which needs more pictures im trying to decide use a model or no model...mmmmmhhhh its tough as using a model shows it off better but no cash to pay a model BUT hanging up on a white background is cheap and clear and creates less opinions BUT some pieces really need to be on a person..mmmmhhhh i will get there well i have too by the end of this month or its not going on the website and no online store means no sales which means NO business...okay get my stuff together now.

Well sitting with David mentor next week to go over merchandising and costings. I have already decided to cancel a few styles as i am not 100% happy with them or the costs so far are not feasible enough and also financials on my side. But we will get it properly planned out and go from there.

I just wanna sell now.

But look out for May as I am due to present at my first show.

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