Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Black website...eco friendly

My lovely boyf (i know you are reading Z) made an interesting comment that I should back up my points and no to publish thoughts without evidence and you know what he is right...I mean I am presently undertaking my masters with plans to do my PhD afterwards so I shouldn't be sloppy. Plus to back it up my mentor David did say that I should know and not 'think' i should never say I 'can't' or I 'think' he is pushing me to have assurance and confidence in what I say.

So here is some evidence re using a darker coloured website and energy use and saving

eco benefits

Did you know that darker colors take up less power then brighter colors? Well it's true. The colors you use on your website can actually save energy. Your website can be "green" or eco friendly and look professional too


A few months ago, TreeHugger Mark Ontkush wrote a post on his blog EcoIron titled Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year. The post lays out the following train of thought. “An all white web page uses about 74 watts to display, while an all black page uses only 59 watts.” Google, which has a white background and gets about “200 million queries a day” could reduce global energy use by 750 Megawatt-hours a year by simply changing the color of its homepage to black. (For more detailed calculations and assumptions check out the original post here.)


Blackle-The Energy Saving Search Engine was created by Heap Media to remind us all to take small steps in our everyday lives to save energy. Blackle searches are powered by Google Custom Search. Blackle saves energy because the screen is predominantly black. Image displayed is primarily a function of the user’s colour settings and desktop graphics, as well as the colour and size of the open application windows; a given monitor requires more power to display a white screen (or light for that matter) than it does to display a black one.


Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year


 So see this search engine BLACKLE the google of energy saving search engines


The other good thing aside for being more energy efficient is that it is softer on the eyes...but I admit it is strange to see Google in Black(le) but i guess its just about getting used to it.

Either way good on you who already use black for your blogs...and so journey of an eco fashion brand blog follows this for a more energy efficient blog. 

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