Tuesday, 9 February 2010

GreenShows New York

Fashion time is upon us again as all the shows kick off.

New York from 14th to 17th Feb hosts the Greenshows and i just love this designer. If you havent heard of Gary Harvey then you need to recognise!

Its not that he is the best designer but that he has taken an edge of sustainable design to the couture level so its not just a recycled / upcycled look but its well thought out high end fashion. He has done such cool things with newspaper, 2ndhand denim jeans.....so much stuff but i just like how he brings it together....okay let me stop...check out the pic man!

Gary Harvey's created this Baseball Puffball Dress from 26 nylon baseball jackets. They have been attached to a striped rib corset, worn over a baseball jacket with socks made from the rib cuffs originally shown at LFW Estethica in February

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