Thursday, 4 February 2010

invisible children

I was told about this organisation and the work they do a while back and whilst coming out of the UCL gym tuesday night I embarked upon the team who were promoting the organisation Invisible children and showing the video at the university. As a designer creative I am interested in their Mend section as it deals with producing product.

This is what they say

"MEND is designed to seam a personal connection between products and their makers, while repairing the lives of women in distressed regions of the world...not charity. MEND is a...subdivision of Invisible Children, ... constructed with the belief that what’s on the outside and what’s on the inside should both matter ...Each piece carries the name of the seamstress who made it. Each individual name unlocks online profiles of each seamstress employed in our program.
The women employed in our program are formerly abducted child soldiers, often used in captivity as sex slaves. Those lucky enough to escape, often with children of their own, are ostracized due to their affiliation with the rebels...lack education, and are taught sewing as a part of their brief rehabilitation. With demand for seamstresses already sparse due to the war, many are left without the means to support themselves and their children. MEND is a socially and environmentally responsible hopes of stimulating growth, local employment, and economic stability. Similar to its parent company- Invisible Children, MEND is beginning with northern Uganda, with the possibility of heedful worldwide expansion."

Such a worthwhile cause that truly touches my heart....using fashion as a means to help young Africans who fall prey to such horrible consequences. This is an organisation I would love to be involved with in some way or form and I will look them up whilst in Uganda hopefully this September

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